The Worst Part of Being Poor: Watching your Dog Die When You Can’t Afford to Help

Oreo and Mitzi were sick – but since we couldn’t pay thousands of dollars immediately, we couldn’t get the care they needed
Dog in Cone Photo by Oliver Dodd

A few years ago, my sister Marylin’s peekapoo – a playful and affectionate dog named Oreo – went to the vet for minor bleeding in her mouth. Any issue involving blood is always of concern, but Oreo was only eight and in otherwise good health so it wasn’t alarming. Maybe she had eaten something that had irritated her digestive system, we had assumed.

The vet prescribed Rimadyl, an anti-inflammatory medication often prescribed for arthritis and other conditions.

Within a few hours, Oreo’s condition only worsened. She couldn’t eat, and was obviously in distress. From there, things got alarming. She became disoriented, unable to stand or walk without falling. Then hemorrhaging started. Yet the cause of her sudden decline proved a mystery.

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