Talking Dog with ‘Boundaries’ filmmaker Shana Feste

The writer-director discusses her dog-centric inspiration with us.
Director-writer Shana Feste and Loretta
“Boundaries” film cast, left to right: Vera Farmiga, Kristen Schaal, Christopher Plummer, Shana Feste (director) and Loretta.

Bark: Tell us about your dog Loretta.

Shana Feste: We rescued Loretta from a kill shelter here in Los Angeles. She was an “owner turn-in,” which always is heartbreaking because the animal is so confused as to how they ended up in the shelter. But I fell in love with her immediately—she was six months old and super scrappy and scared. When I first called her over to me, she did a little belly crawl that was so endearing.

We brought her home and she immediately hid in my laundry room for a week without even looking at our other rescue dog, Skipperdee. My husband and I had rescued her so we could give Skipperdee a playmate, but she wanted nothing to do with him! Turns out she was just waiting for her cone to be removed; once we took it off, she leaped into the air and played with Skipperdee for almost three hours straight.

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