Sooty and the Curtains

SootyWhen I was a “little girl” – well, about ten I suppose, the family puppy “Sooty” was a real live-wire.

Sadly I have to confess that I can't find a photograph of the “real” Sooty. This was many years ago, and we weren't the sort of family to waste money on “films” and developing them, unless there was a really special occasion. So thanks for this image are due to Katzenfee50 from Pixabay

It is remarkably like the real Sooty, and I shall check with my Dad if photos of Sooty are lurking at home still.

Anyway, back to the story of Sooty and the curtains.

One morning, before teenage sleepy habits kicked in I woke-up and came downstairs – before my Mum – only to find that the red velvet curtains had been absolutely massacred overnight! Aaaagh.

There was only one possible culprit – Sooty – although to see him bouncing about thrilled to see the first human of the day, you would have thought butter wouldn't melt in his mouth.

Hmmm – I knew just what sort of trouble he'd be in when Mum came down. (Dad was already at work and torn curtains probably hadn't even registered on his radar).

So I crept to the sewing basket, fetched out the biggest needle I could find, plus some red cotton, and set about mending the curtains.

Well – they were torn right across the width, diagonally, so you can only imagine the mess a ten-year old would make trying to repair them with big loopy stitches.

My make-shift curtain repair fooled no-one.

However, Mum saw the funny side of my repair attempt, and Sooty was forgiven. The curtains were a total write-off, but I think that secretly Mum was pleased of an excuse to buy new curtains!

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