Smiling Dog: Kluane

Dog's Name and age:  Kluane, 2 years

How was Kluane named?

He’s named after a reserve in the Yukon where his people love to hike.

Adoption Story:

After beginning their search for a new dog and a friend for their other dog, they spotted Kluane on an animal rescue website. He was hours away and a snow storm was brewing but his family ambitiously drove over the mountains in the storm to get to the shelter. As soon as they saw him they fell in love with him. Kluane seemed to be pretty fond of them too because he jumped in their laps and stole their hearts.

Kluane Likes:

Adventures, hiking, snow, playing with a ball, and munching on carrots. He also loves digging! At the ocean, he gets confused about why his holes disappear when the water comes in. 

Nicknames: Tank (he’s all muscle!), Klu Klu, Kooky


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