Service Dog Appears in Yearbook

Tucker is a favorite staff member

Flipping through their yearbooks this week, my sons were thrilled to see that the most adorable staff member (and one of the most popular) had his photo in the yearbook along with everyone else who works at or attends their school. Tucker is a service dog for one of the Latin teachers, and he is a beloved member of the school community. It only makes sense that his picture is in the yearbook.

Although Tucker’s focus is on the woman who he has been trained to assist, he does more than his main job when at school. The kids say that the teacher is very generous with him and that when appropriate, she allows them to interact with him. That is especially helpful when a child is stressed out or sad for some reason. Many of the students appreciate it when he pops his head out from behind a desk and amuses them. He adds levity to the class and has cheered up many people during the year, all without losing track of his real responsibility.


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