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Drugs for Shelter Dogs

NYC shelters to medicate all incoming strays

Dogs entering shelters are often extremely stressed, with cortisol levels three times higher than dogs in home situations. Reducing that stress is a kindness to these animals, and shelters use a lot of strategies to do that. From soothing music and lavender-scented infusers to comfy kennels with blankets and chairs to make them seem homey, there are a lot of options for helping dogs ease into life at a shelter. The goals are to help them as much as possible during their stay, and to place them into loving homes soon. Few of the stress-easing plans are controversial, but Animal Care Shelters of NYC has three shelters that will soon be enacting a new protocol that is bound to cause serious debate.

Original source: https://thebark.com/content/drugs-shelter-dogs

Talking Dog with ‘Boundaries’ filmmaker Shana Feste

The writer-director discusses her dog-centric inspiration with us.
Director-writer Shana Feste and Loretta
“Boundaries” film cast, left to right: Vera Farmiga, Kristen Schaal, Christopher Plummer, Shana Feste (director) and Loretta.

Bark: Tell us about your dog Loretta.

Shana Feste: We rescued Loretta from a kill shelter here in Los Angeles. She was an “owner turn-in,” which always is heartbreaking because the animal is so confused as to how they ended up in the shelter. But I fell in love with her immediately—she was six months old and super scrappy and scared. When I first called her over to me, she did a little belly crawl that was so endearing.

We brought her home and she immediately hid in my laundry room for a week without even looking at our other rescue dog, Skipperdee. My husband and I had rescued her so we could give Skipperdee a playmate, but she wanted nothing to do with him! Turns out she was just waiting for her cone to be removed; once we took it off, she leaped into the air and played with Skipperdee for almost three hours straight.

Original source: https://thebark.com/content/talking-dog-boundaries-filmmaker-shana-feste

Trained Dog Breeds, Protection Dog Training

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Film Review: ‘Boundaries’

Families—two and four-legged—Coming Together Again

Director-writer Shana Feste’s new, very personal film opens June 22, 2018. “Boundaries” is, as Feste noted, about “seeing your parent for who they really are—and possibly forgiving them.” Well, that’s one theme, but what grabbed our attention were the parts played by the film’s many dogs (and cats).

Feste’s own rescue dog, Loretta, has a prominent role, sharing the screen with the amazing 88-year-old Christopher Plummer (Jack), the engaging Vera Farmiga (Laura) and Peter Fonda in
a fun cameo.

This charming film is a portrait of a complicated relationship between a daughter and her father, a condition Feste seems to know first-hand. As she mentioned at SXSW earlier this year, her own father had been “married six times, had six kids with different women … trafficked in marijuana; it’s hard not be inspired by him creatively.” Plummer, as always, is pitch perfect, playing this kind of cranky, yet finessed, rogue similar to his Academy Award–winning role in “Beginners” (another indie with a memorable dog).

In this road-tripping story, Laura’s driving her dad, Jack, who’s been kicked out of his retirement home for selling pot, from Portland down to her sister JoJo (Kristen Schaal), a dog walker who lives in Los Angeles. With them is Laura’s teen son, the artistic and much bullied Henry (Lewis McDougall), who helps take care of their many rescue animals, some of whom are on the trip with them. Unknown to Laura, the journey is fueled and funded by Jack’s en-route weed sales. The evolving family dynamic is insightful, touching and immensely entertaining. This is the kind of film in which it’s hard not to find everyone, human and otherwise, completely endearing.

Feste, herself a veteran animal fosterer and rescuer, admitted that she wants people leaving the theatre to foremost think about rescuing a dog. She does a splendid job getting that message across.

Read our interview with Shana Feste

Distributor: Sony Picture Classics

Release date: June 22, 2018

Director/writer: Shana Feste

All photos courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics

Issue 94: Summer 2018

A scene from the new film “Boundaries” starring Vera Farmiga and a supporting cast of rescue dogs.A scene from the new film “Boundaries” starring Vera Farmiga and a supporting cast of rescue dogs.

The family that rescues together … left to right: Kristen Schaal, Lewis McDougall, Vera Farmiga and Christopher Plummer.

Original source: https://thebark.com/content/film-review-boundaries


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Have you noticed that there’re always a lot of videos with cute animals on the Internet? Of course, we love every and each of them, but in today's video we decided to talk about the dogs. Why them? Because these fluffy things are easily trained, they communicate with a man and can do incredible things indeed! Well, is it interesting for you to know what these four-legged really are capable of?

3 Steps to Have Your Dog Come to You Every Time You Call | Dog Training Tips | Dog Obedience Training | Dog Training Commands | Dog

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