Nigel Reed’s “The Wolf Within” Project

Check out: The Dog Guardian by Nigel Reed:

The wolf within is a fundamental case study of behaviour which will nurture young peoples emotional intelligence and teach them self control. Canine assisted therapy.

The Wolf Within is directed at schools, colleges, prisons and pupil referral units. The course is aimed at learners who need a fresh innovative way to learn the importance then the skills to become a great leader. By studying wolf pack dynamics, the students will learn why canines behave the way they do, how to correct unwanted behaviour in our domestic dogs and what they can accomplish through questioning then applying calm, consistent and convincing signals.

This knowledge will in turn allow the learners to study their own behaviour, actions and their relationships with others. This will empower them to reflect and make positive changes for themselves.

By using tools such as patience, positive reinforcement and respect, the students will discover a holistic approach to life in which anything becomes possible.

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