How We Found Our Dog: Brooklyn

Brooklyn, surrounded by old friends and new family: front  (left to right), Nikki Stanton, Taylor Lytle, Sarah Killion; middle, Maggie Pakutka, Kelley O’Hara, Sally Pakutka; back, Will Pakutka, Sam Kerr.

My wife and daughter had gone to the shelter looking for a quiet little dog. While there, they learned that soccer players with Sky Blue FC, a New Jersey–based professional women’s soccer team, were looking for a home for a stray they had fostered throughout the season. These weren’t just any players, however—they were stars: National Women’s Soccer League veterans Sarah Killion, Taylor Lytle and Nikki Stanton; World Cup champion and Olympic gold medalist Kelley O’Hara; and Australian National Team standout forward Sam Kerr.

Brooklyn had had a rough first two years—she’d likely been used as a bait dog, if the scars on her head were any indication—but once the players took her in, she was loved five times over. Now, with the season ending and the players scattering, they had two weeks to find Brooklyn a permanent home or it was back to the shelter for her.


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