How To Teach Your Dog LEAVE IT – THE BEST WAY – Dog Training Video

Leave It is one of the most important things you will teach your dog or puppy. It is not only a matter of obedience, but it can be life or death. The BEST way to teach LEAVE IT is to do it when the dog is young, but no matter what – all dogs should know LEAVE IT.

This can be a fun game, but the training results MUST WORK.

If you tell your dog LEAVE IT, he or she must listen. In order to get your puppy, or even adult dog, to understand this clearly, you will need to be able to structure and enforce the lesson.

Some people will teach leave it, as YUCK or phooey, but the dog must clearly understand how to LEAVE it immediately when you command him.

I think this is one of the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT things to teach EVERY dog. In this video I break it down simply and effectively with Duane our 5 month old Yellow Labrador Retriever.

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