How To Dog Training | Basic Dog Commands | Doctor Mike​

How to Train a Dog:
Sit Command: 1:34
Lay Command: 1:54
Heel Command: 2:14
Stay Command: 2:52
Leave It Command: 3:20
Paw or High Five Command: 3:52
Play Dead Command: 4:22
Hug Command: 4:45
Speak Command: 5:00
Search Command: 5:22
Bloopers: 7:27

Hey, guys! After I got my siberian husky pup, Roxy, I became really interested in dog psychology and dog training. In this weeks video, I’m focusing on how to dog training and how I trained Roxy. You must train your dog these basic dog commands, basic obedience for dogs keeps them happy and healthy. You can use these same dog training tips at home to train your own dog.

Big shot out to Roxy for collaborating with me on this video!
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