Homemade Chicken & Vegetable Dog Food Recipe

The new joy of cooking—for your dog (yes, you can!)

This recipe will make approximately 15 lbs. of food, enough to feed a 40 lb. dog two meals per day for a week. It contains 1,200 Kcal/kg or 34 Kcal/oz. More nutrition details and feeding instructions are discussed later in the article.

Directions reference the use of an electric pressure cooker, but a variety of other methods, from slow cookers (aka crock pots) to poaching, roasting or steaming are also options (tips will be available online). However, it is much easier and faster to use an electric pressure cooker.

The ingredients are fresh and uncooked unless otherwise noted. The amounts must be followed closely, but there is leeway in the choice of fruits and vegetables that can be used, and you can use thawed-out frozen varieties too. The supplements are specific brands, and provide a unique mix. It is important to use a kitchen scale to weigh each ingredient.

Original source: https://thebark.com/content/homemade-chicken-vegetable-dog-food-recipe

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