Finding Faith: What I Learned from My Dog

Buddy, Dog

Sometimes he woke me with a gentle nudge, his brown eyes staring intently into my own. Sometimes he flopped on the bed, salmon-style, limbs all askew, adjusting himself into the mattress and startling me from sleep. Sometimes it was a lick on the face or on the arm, or a slight nuzzle of whatever appendage of mine happened to be hanging precariously off the bed. Regardless, it was always a gentle awakening, a sweet awakening, each morning, looking into my dog’s doting eyes.

You know what I loved most about him, what we all love the most about our four-legged companions? Their consistency. Despite all the turmoil of daily living: the deaths and the divorces, the late bills and the rainy Saturdays, burned pancakes and missed phone calls, dogs can be depended upon for constancy in a way that human beings cannot.

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