Dog Training Without The Use Of Treats

I want you to learn that Dog Training Without The Use Of Treats is possible and you don't need to use treats to train dogs. That is because you have gotten into habit of using treats to train dogs and you need to know the consequences of using treats to train dogs.

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The method that I suggest is very simple yet a little complex.

I hope by now you know that treats and foods are not the motivators for dog training to contrary belief. All dogs and humans and as a matter of fact all living creatures are food motivated. That does not mean that we need to use treats or food to train dogs.
Dogs are food oriented but not food motivated. What motivates dogs are many things but the main motivation that exists when it comes to dogs and humans is the healthy relationship that exists among human and the dog. Dogs will do anything for you whether you give them treats or not.

You see, if there is no healthy relationship between a dog and its owner, no matter what method of training you use the connection will not bloom and develop which will mean you won’t get the results you want.

It is very common for dog owners to reach in their pockets or cabinets to get some treats to give it to the dog so the dog will listen and comply to them. It is a habit that has been implanted in dog owners by few things. One of them has to do with big companies pushing the public to buy treats, foods and tools to train their dogs.

Have you noticed why is it that almost all dog owners have the same issues with their dogs and how almost every dog owner solves the issues the same way?

That’s because all dog owners make the same mistake and solve the issues the same way. It’s a domino effect continues.

But, first thing that really matters is building a stronger relationship between you and your dog. You need to remember, why did you get your dog in the first place? What motivated you to have this beautiful, intelligent, magnificent, pure soul, friendly, cute little thing?

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