Dog Training Manners in Minutes NOT MONTHS!

Today Pat Muller talks about how you can Train your dog in Minutes NOT MONTHS like some dog trainers like to train. She also explains why treats are seldom a good idea in training. We learn that dogs do not speak English and that we have to associate words with expected behavior. We also learn that the dogs name is not a command, imagine that!

Pat Muller is the Founder of Safe Landing – New Beginnings

– Owner and President of Quansa Kennels Inc.
– Inventor and patent holder of Q-Collar and Q-Calmer.
– Developer of the Manners In Minutes Training program and conducts these seminars throughout the United States and Canada.
– Past president, three terms, of the United States Lakeland Terrier Club.
– Breeder of AKC Airedale and Lakeland Terriers.
– She works with Veterans Service Dogs
– She woks with Children and Adults teaching pack behavior.

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