Dog Sleep: Where Love and Science Meet

Should we allow dogs to sleep in our beds?
The Sleepers, 2006  by Michael De Brito
Derek & Chewy, 2003  by Leslie Enders Lee
Dana & Chewy, 2003  by Leslie Enders Lee

Watching dogs sleep —limbs akimbo, eyebrows twitching, paws paddling in a dreamland chase—is one of the joys of living with them. Another is the coziness of sharing our beds with them. Whether for emotional comfort, warmth (you’ve heard the expression “three-dog night,” right?) or because the bed is their go-to spot, many of us sleep with our dogs. Yet, while it makes us happy, we occasionally wonder if it’s something we should actually be doing.

One concern relates to old-school ideas about dominance. For many years, we were told that allowing our dogs on the bed with us would interfere with our attempts to dominate them, which was supposedly essential to having a well-trained dog. While shame about sleeping with dogs is far less common than it was a decade or two ago, a lot of us still fear being judged on the nighttime canine company we keep. (I’ve always enjoyed telling clients, “My dog sleeps on my bed!” and seeing their relief.)

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