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Good dog nutrition plays a vital role in keeping your dog healthy and happy. Skimping on the quality of foods is a false economy that may result in high vet bills – or worse :-(

Many experts recommend the use of raw food diets / hypoallergenic formulations. There are also sustainability considerations to take into account when pet foods are being produced.

Jiminy’s has a very impressive credentials in all these areas and I think you’ll find their approach extremely interesting and informative. Click the link or banner below and take advantage of their introductory discount.

Disclaimer: I make a small commission on products I recommend to you, at no extra cost to you. It’s how I fund this blog. In fact – the supplier alerts me to special discounts that may be of interest to readers.

Furthermore, I have no veterinary qualifications to make dog nutrition recommendations, but I have carefully checked out the pet food suppliers whose products I introduce to you on this site (see above) and made every endeavor to only show you products I would be happy to feed to my own dog.

However, please do your own due diligence and check with your dog’s veterinarian before changing his/her diet.

Sustainable Pet Food From Cricket Protein

Today I am introducing readers to sustainable pet food from cricket protein, a new product I am happy to recommend to you, and brought from Jiminy's – makers of delicious, sustainable pet food and treats that both nourish pets and promote long-term stewardship of the earth

Jiminy’s speciality is making sustainable pet food and treats using cricket protein. Their products nourish our pets and promote long-term stewardship of the earth. All natural, sustainable, high protein ingredients (especially crickets!) give your dog the energy and nutrients it needs.

Dogs As Athletes

When you think of the energy a typical active dog uses – running, jumping, generally loving life – you can compare them to an athlete needing high quality protein to stay healthy. In the USA dogs consume more than 32 billions pounds of protein a year. Quite apart from the strain that puts on the environment, it means that protein is unavailable for human consumption.

Jiminy's solution is to replace the traditional animal protein source (cows and chicken) with cricket protein.

But Why Crickets?

Crickets are a sustainable superfood that dogs love. They are a complete protein source, containing all the essential amino acids. Their protein content is 35% more than beef and 65% more than chicken, while also offering high levels of Omega fats, B12, Iron, Calcium, Fiber, Potassium (and the list goes on…). Full of protein, good fat and a nutty flavor, Jiminy’s treats provide your dog with exactly what he needs.

sustainable pet food

Not only do they trump traditional livestock in nutritional value, they’re also far more sustainable to raise. Requiring less space, consuming less water (2000x less than cows or chickens), and needing less feed (every 100lbs of feed yields 5lbs beef, 30lbs chicken, 60lbs crickets), raising crickets is a farming alternative with very low environmental impact.

In case, as an animal lover, you're concerned about the crickets (I was!) they live a long and happy life, only being harvested near the end of their natural life cycle, unlike other animal sources of protein. The harvesting process is humane too

Sustainable Pet Food Production

Crickets are farmed in barns and require far less land to produce the same amount of beef protein.

Each bag of Jiminy's saves 220 gallons of water to produce than traditional treats.

Oh, and they emit less greenhouse gases too (100x less than cow).

Partnering with Carbon Credit Capital for the measurements it was found that producing Jiminy's treats produced 740% lower greenhouse gases then beef treats, and 270% less than chicken treats.

Jiminy's Dog Nutrition Mission

sustainable pet foodAs Jiminy’s Founder and CEO Anne Carlson explains, “At Jiminy’s, we’re passionate about pets and we set out to develop products that combine the best possible nutrition and taste coupled with sustainable ingredients and practices. Our consumers care deeply about the choices they make for themselves and their pets. Food content, origin, sustainability and humane and ethical practices matter. Jiminy’s understands this new mindset and puts conscious consumption at the center of everything that we do.”

It is Jiminy’s mission is to be a positive force for change by making sustainable and humane choices, ultimately reducing our pets’ carbon pawprint.

In a nutshell, Jiminy's food pet food is nutritious, hypoallergenic, human and sustainable.

sustainable pet food

Has Your Dog Lost That “Puppy Pep”?

Discover the #1 Reason Why and What You Can Do to Help

It tends to happen slowly, but then suddenly you’re aware that your furry friend isn’t quite the ball of energy he once was. There’s more sleeping and less playing. More stiffness and fewer enthusiastic walks. That joyful “puppy pep” is gone.

This sad slowdown is very common, but there’s no need to resign yourself…or your pet…to it.

Extensive research has shown that many of the signs of wear and tear in humans and dogs have ONE root cause: chronic inflammation. Sounds bad, but it’s actually GOOD NEWS because Mother Nature has given us a safe, powerful inflammation-fighting superstar called curcumin that can tackle multiple symptoms of aging in one fell swoop.

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Tips on How to Adopt the Right Dog

Choosing the perfect dog poses challenges similar to speed-dating.
Sam Cohen with a dog at a shelter. (Credit: Cadence L. Baugh Chang/Indiana U.)

Psychologists who study how people pick their spouses have turned their attention to another important relationship: choosing a canine companion.

They recently found that, when it comes to puppy love, the heart doesn’t always know what it wants.

The researchers based their results, which could help improve the pet adoption process, on data from a working animal shelter.

Picking a Pet From Dog Shelters

“What we show in this study is that what people say they want in a dog isn’t always in line with what they choose,” says Samantha Cohen, who led the study as a PhD student in the psychological and brain sciences department at Indiana University-Bloomington. “By focusing on a subset of desired traits, rather than everything a visitor says, I believe we can make animal adoption more efficient and successful.”

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Smiling Dog: Maximo

Dog's name and age: Maximo, 1 year

Adoption Story: We met Max at an adoption event by Lucky Dog Animal Rescue who had dogs from Puerto Rico. We instantly fell in love. His birthday is the same day at my daughter's finance, who is coincidentally also from Puerto Rico so we knew it was meant to be. We had lost our beloved poodle of 15 years and did not think we wanted another dog, but Max change it all. Max came into our lives when we were grieving the loss of our sweet Riley, stole our hearts, and has brought us so much joy.

Photo Story: I do photo shoots with Max each week, and this one was for Taco Tuesday!


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