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A healthy mouth is SO important: BUT 85% of dogs have dental disease by the age of 3.

Important though it is, fighting plaque, freshening breath and cleaning teeth is probably not on your favorite list of dog care tasks. And it’s probably not your pooch’s idea of fun either.

But you could help your dogs have a healthier smile with “Bye, Bye Dog Breath” (click link to find out more):

  • Fights plaque, freshens breath and cleans teeth
  • Super easy: Takes you under 15 seconds and no struggling with the toothbrush
  • High-quality ingredients: we use only the best natural ingredients to fight dental disease
  • Vet-formulated: we also use a biochemist and nutritionist to ensure the best results
  • Delivered right to your door
  • Dog approved

The “Bye-bye dog breath” dual-layered, dog-friendly chewing sticks make dog dental care a cinch. Your pup’s natural enjoyment of chewing will help target plaque, while simultaneously dispensing powerful natural ingredients to help your dog’s mouth stay healthy.

  • Natural minerals target plaque, softening it and helping remove it,
  • Cranberry’s antioxidants help support gum tissue,
  • Probiotics work to remove the bad bacteria that plays a role in dental disease.

Click here for more information on Bye, Bye Dog Breath.

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I have no veterinary qualifications to make dog care recommendations, but I have carefully checked out the  suppliers whose products I introduce to you on this site and made every endeavor to only show you products I would be happy to use with my own dog.

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