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How To Stop Puppy Barking

Before you try to stop your puppy barking, check out this infographic which gives you tips to understanding reasons why a puppy barks.

When it comes to puppy behavior that you love – whether it’s your puppy or another person’s – there’s a lot that you probably adore.

  • It can be great fun to take new puppies on walks, for example, and let them discover all that’s out in the world.
  • They meet new people and charm them.
  • They see things they’ve never seen before and get super excited.
  • It’s also fun to try out the new gear that comes with any puppy – leashes, dog beds, toys.
  • You'll probably love trying to teach them new tricks
  • You're certain to love cuddling them

But one thing that can quickly get annoying, either for you or for other people, is barking.

Sure, the first time your hear your puppy barking it’s super funny and kind of cute.

But any puppy that doesn’t learn how to control barking can grow into a dog that’s anxious and / or aggressive.

So how can you tame this behavior before it becomes more than an annoyance?

How To Stop Puppy Barking

This graphic offers some ideas and so WHY puppies bark.

Your role as the owner of a new puppy is to discover the reason for their barking and remove the problem, maybe by teaching them not to be afraid of a new situation, or by resolving the situation that started them barking in the first place.

For instance, you can teach your puppy that new things are not scary things. Often puppies bark at people or items they’ve never seen before. By easing your puppy into meeting or investigating something new, you can teach them not all things new are threatening or scary.

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