Canine Language – Invading space

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Dog Training Tips – Respect the dogs space

There are many incidents of dogs biting people or other dogs. The majority of the attacks occur from the dog feeling a sense of danger with the situation.

The defence responses

If a dog feels there is any danger they have an inbuilt natural defence response to keep them alive, the 3 F's, which are:

Flight, (run away)
Freeze (stand their ground/ change in posture, bark, growl)

They are in that order for good reason; flight is the first response as it does the dog the least harm. There are however many situations in which the dog can't run away due to being boxed in or on a lead so have to use the next response freeze which presents itself in by standing their ground with barking, growling, heckles rising or freezing/ submission from fear. If this response has not worked and the threat keeps on coming closer then the dog will have one last option, to fight.

Respect the dogs' space

Many people think a dog is cute and so will go up to pet them but subsequently invade their space in the process. The dog must have their personal space respected otherwise it will choose a defence response to keep themselves safe. In many scenarios the dog is then labelled as dangerous and is re-homed or put down as a result.

To avoid unnecessary confrontation with the dog remember this simple rule: Do not go over to them but instead always call them to you.

This way, if the dog comes over they have given you permission to interact

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