Building a Better Pooper Scooper

Engineering students, doggie day care owner team up to build the better pooper scooper

Daniel Spangler's A Dog’s Dream, doggie day care and boarding business, found itself in some deep … trouble last year.

An inspector cited the New Bern, N.C., entrepreneur and dog lover for having a rusty pooper scooper, a violation under state Department of Agriculture guidelines. It frustrated Spangler, who spent countless hours maintaining the metal scoopers and hundreds of dollars replacing them year after year.

He started thinking about everything else that bugged him about available dog waste removers. The way the springy tines on the rake bounced stray bits back onto his shoes. The way any blast of water hard enough to clean the equipment also soaked everything around it. The way his wrist hurt after picking up and dumping easily 30-50 pounds of poop every day.


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