‘BOUNDARIES’: A new film

A review and Q&A with the filmmaker
A scene from the new film “Boundaries” starring Vera Farmiga and a supporting cast of rescue dogs.
The family that rescues together … left to right: Kristen Schaal, Lewis McDougall, Vera Farmiga and Christopher Plummer.
“Boundaries” film cast, left to right: Vera Farmiga, Kristen Schaal, Christopher Plummer, Shana Feste (director) and Loretta.

Director-writer Shana Feste’s new, very personal film opens June 22, 2018. “Boundaries” is, as Feste noted, about “seeing your parent for who they really are—and possibly forgiving them.” Well, that’s one theme, but what grabbed our attention were the parts played by the film’s many dogs (and cats).

Feste’s own rescue dog, Loretta, has a prominent role, sharing the screen with the amazing 88-year-old Christopher Plummer (Jack), the engaging Vera Farmiga (Laura) and Peter Fonda in
a fun cameo.

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