Aggressive German Shepherd Training- What NOT to do! Dog Training with America’s Canine Educator-

In This video America's Canine Educator, Thomas Davis, Discusses the pitfalls of overusing correction tools while dog training. This young German shepherd leash reactivity int he form of dog aggression towards other dogs only while on the leash. This is an issue that has the owner at wits end! This situation is exacerbated by the owners over correcting. This dog aggression is not caused by dominance or anger. It is caused by the instability of the owner and the over correction that it causes. You will believe the difference in behavior once this point is made clear. Be the best dog trainer you can be. watch until the end! As always thank you for watching! If you haven't already please subscribe to our youtube channel for more great free dog training videos, dog training tips and tricks and info on stopping aggressive dog behaviors.

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