About Me

Who Am I?

joy2016-changedMy name is Joy and I live in Norwich in the UK, a most beautiful city. I moved there from London in 2018, to live nearer to my younger son and his wife, and I just love being here.

No surprise that I just love dogs – but because of my fairly hectic, self-employed, life-style it just wouldn't be fair to have one myself.

I've no-one living close by who can help out with “dog-sitting” for me to have any social life, so it wouldn't be fair to leave a much-loved doggy friend alone.

Instead I've decided to start a blog, for fun, collecting together the best dog blogs, videos and pictures I can find.

I get my regular fix of “real life dogs” in two ways:

By the way – I only mention the Hertfordshire and Harefield branches of NAWT and Dogs Trust because they are nearest to me geographically. There are several other branches.

When I'm Not Dog-walking?

My main business is as a computer programmer. I'm also a part-time blogger and author, working towards creating a pension supplement for when I retire from my main business.

My other blog is JoyHealey.com, and it's for people who want to learn about starting an online business.

For fun, other than with dogs, I go line-dancing and enjoy reading, alone or with my book club.

The Dogs in My Life


Bailey and Dog-dog

Happily there are some dogs in my life – but they belong to other family members who don't live near enough to me that I can see them as often as I'd like to.

On the left are just two of them, Bailey and Dog-dog. Both have been adopted.

I'll add their stories as time permits!

There is also Bella – adopted in late life when she was too old to travel with her family who were emigrating to Australia. Bella went to live in North Norfolk with my son, his wife and their dog Bailey.

It's fair to say the Bella and Bailey tolerate each other rather than being the best of friends, but they are both living comfortable retirements with a big garden and an adoring Mum and Dad in the shaped of my son and his wife.


Again – apologies for the photograph but Bella really does NOT like her photograph being taken, so any photo has to be taken from a loooong distance! This was proved by my son who attempted to take a “happy-snap” and was richly rewarded with a photo of a wide mouth with bared teeth and when he showed us that no-one every wanted to take a close-up of Bella again. Apart from being camera-shy she's a very friendly and affectionate doggy and has worked her way into our hearts.

Perhaps one day my life will be sufficiently calm that I can adopt one of the rescue dogs I regularly fall in love with, but until that day – it's Blogs And Dogs for me.

I hope you will enjoy my ramblings about the best dog blogs, videos and pictures as much as I enjoy saving them.

If you have any dog stories you'd like to contribute, please get in touch with me – guest authors are always welcome.

Either use the Contact Me page, or my Facebook page.

Dogs In My Past

Here are two much loved dogs from my childhood (Sooty) and late teens and early twenties (Cleo). Both sadly long gone to meet their maker and departed family members who loved them as dearly as I did.

Please excuse the quality of the photos. We had films that we developed in those days – not smartphones 🙂

As I find time to add more memories to my blog I will immortalise them with the hundreds of happy stories that filled my life. More of Sooty, because once I started work my Mum and Dad took over the care of Cleo so I didn't see much of her.

There was also Candy…. an adopted dog whose story I will add later. But at the moment we're feverishly rummaging through the family archives for a photograph of her. We weren't much of a family for taking photos. (I'm still not!)

Sooty, from my childhood

Cleo from my late 20s

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