About Me

Who Am I?

joy2016-changedMy name is Joy and I live in Norwich in the UK, a most beautiful city.

No surprise that I just love dogs – but because of my fairly hectic, self-employed, life-style it just wouldn't be fair to have one myself.

I've no-one living close by who can help out with “dog-sitting” for me to have any social life, so it wouldn't be fair to leave a much-loved doggy friend alone.

Instead I've decided to start a blog, for fun, collecting together the best dog blogs, videos and pictures I can find.

I get my regular fix of “real life dogs” in two ways:

By the way – I only mention the Hertfordshire and Harefield branches of NAWT and Dogs Trust because they are nearest to me geographically. There are several other branches.

When I'm Not Dog-walking?

My main business is as a computer programmer. I'm also a part-time blogger and author, working towards creating a pension supplement for when I retire from my main business.

My other blog is JoyHealey.com, and it's for people who want to learn about starting an online business.

For fun, other than with dogs, I go line-dancing and enjoy reading, alone or with my book club.

The Dogs in My Life

20150817_Dogs2Happily there are some dogs in my life – but they belong to other family members who don't live near enough to Harrow that I can see them as often as I'd like to.

On the right are just two of them.

Perhaps one day my life will be sufficiently calm that I can adopt one of the rescue dogs I regularly fall in love with, but until that day – it's Blogs And Dogs for me.

I hope you will enjoy my ramblings about the best dog blogs, videos and pictures as much as I enjoy saving them.

If you have any dog stories you'd like to contribute, please get in touch with me – guest authors are always welcome.

Either use the Contact Me page, or my Facebook page.

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