A Tail’s Tale

Photo by Patricia Conway

The tail tells all. Does joyful wagging increase blood flow and stimulate hair growth? Sounds perfectly plausible to us as we’ve watched our dog Bishop’s skinny, bare corkscrew become a fluffy joystick. The power of love has transformed his terrier tail from the rodent-y one he sported when he adopted us three years ago; we had never seen such a ratty tail before, except on a rat.

Someone had dumped this darling at a local rescue after sharing his life for two years. The excuses: house training regressed, picky eater, nasty toy guarder, poorly socialized. His foster mom’s big terrier-loving heart was then apprehensive when she took him in, but this is what she found: a smart, sociable guy; an energetic team player with her four failed fosters; a courteous sharer of toys; kind to her cats; no accidents beyond the first day’s nervous marking; devoted and affectionate to his temporary guardians.


Original source: https://thebark.com/content/tails-tale

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